About Us

What is Ursuline Links?


In 1540 a woman living in the north Italian town of Brescia began a religious organisation which came to be known
as the Ursulines. Nearly five hundred years later her followers can be found in every continent. Ursuline Sisters
founded schools which to this day educate the young to take their place as people of integrity in the society in
which they live.


Ursuline Links was founded in 2010 to give young people the chance to use their gifts and talents for the benefit of
others in the UK and, in time, across the world. Each location in which we work has a link to an Ursuline school or
community. Whilst on mission we live with the Sisters.


In order to plan effectively we have a small committee which oversees the projects. In addition, we have
numerous collaborators.


Ursuline Links Committee Members

Sr. Kathleen Colmer

I have been an Ursuline Sister for more than forty years. My ministry has
been in education, mostly in East London.

I retired from teaching in 2009 and spent some months in the USA and India.
It was during this time that I felt I’d like to do something for young adults
who I know are full of enthusiasm and generosity.

I had belonged to the sodality in my late teens and found it most enriching.
Projects which combined prayer and service would give the sodality a
modern slant. So, in summer 2010 Ursuline Links was born!

Hannah Wood

Hi, I’m Hannah the Ursuline Links Youth Minister. I am new to the Ursulines and so glad to be a part of it.

I graduated from the University of Bristol in 2014 with a degree in music and then spent two years in the Sion Community on the youth mission team, where we visited secondary schools across the UK, running mission weeks. It was during this time that I first encountered Ursuline Schools, both in Ilford and Greenwich.

I am passionate about the work Ursuline Links does, providing young people and adults opportunities to use their gifts and talents to be of service on the various projects run in the UK and overseas. I’m excited to be a part of Ursuline Links and to be working in all the UK Ursuline schools.

Sr. Catherine Kelly

I have been linked with the Ursulines since the age of 11 when I went to  school at the Ursuline Convent, Wimbledon. Even at that age we were  encouraged to be of service to others. Since retiring from teaching I have  been able to spend time doing voluntary work with the Christian arm of the  Olympics, an African charity and in a food bank.

I have loved working with Ursuline Links since it began in 2010 and have  accompanied two groups to New Orleans and a group to Idaho. It is wonderful to see how enthusiastic the students are at the projects and also  how deeply they think when reflecting about the day at work on the site.

Sr. Beatrice Garnett

I've been an Ursuline sister for 40+ years and for most of that time I've been  teaching and enjoying it: Religion, Geography and whatever was needed in  our London comprehensive schools. Since retiring I qualified to teach English  and spent a year in Paris and 4 years on a Benedictine mission school in  Limpopo South Africa, mostly teaching English and Bible Studies.

My interest in Ursuline Links is particularly to be able to help both our senior  pupils and education in developing countries.

Sr. Regina Marie Fronmuller, OSU

I am an Ursuline Sister living in community and working in New Orleans, LA, USA.  I have an artistic spirit that comes alive in all  activities of my life. As I continue to teach, mentor and work with students  and adults, I bring  forth the gifts in others.

In the last few years, I have been working with volunteers who come to our  city to help rebuild the hearts and homes of Katrina victims.

In 2010 I became involved in Ursuline Links and have seen it grow from  strength to strength. I am delighted to be the American member of the  committee and pleased that young people from New Orleans are able to do  service in the UK.