New Orleans - Rebuilding Homes

In August ten students, three adult volunteers and Sr Catherine embarked on a trip of a life time to New Orleans in America to help rebuild houses after Hurricane Katrina.


The students worked alongside the SBP on an Ursuline Sponsored House. The SBP are an organisation that was founded to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina get back into their homes; people who are too poor or those who have fallen victim to contractor fraud. Although the SBP have helped many people, there is still lots to be done, even after 11 years since the disaster and they rely heavily on volunteers, hence where Ursuline Links comes in.


The students were painting, tiling and laying skirting boards in over 90 degree heat. The heat was a major factor and made the work tiring and arduous, the students worked in a very challenging and difficult environment, but showed strength, resilience and team work throughout the process.


We also spent the day at Our Lady of Wisdom care home where the students led by Sr Regina OSU ran an arts and crafts morning for the elderly residents. The day was a huge success and always proves to be a rewarding experience.


It was not all hard work, the students got the chance to explore the French Quarter in the heart of New Orleans as well as go on a plantation and swamp tour where they saw lots of alligators and even got to hold one!


The trip to New Orleans was a huge success and one that both the students and adult volunteers will remember for ever. It was an extremely rewarding experience.





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